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  • Mozart and Opera History 2

    Mozart’s music style and the late eighteenth century Classical era music are virtually synonymous. The goal of Classical era music was to conform to specific standards and forms, to be succinct, clear, and well balanced, but at the same time, to develop musical ideas to an emotionally satisfying fullness. As a quintessential Classicist, Mozart’s music […]

  • Mozart and Opera History 1

    During the latter part of the eighteenth century, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart innovated new perspectives for opera history, imbuing his operas with portrayals of profound matters of the heart, all set against the explosive social and political struggles of Enlightenment Europe. It was the beginning of Mozart and Opera history. Mozart became the first psychologist of […]

  • When Title Meets Content

    To present any kind of content, we need titles. It can be  song titles, album titles, movie titles, book titles, story titles, poem or painting titles or a project, a website… Each work needs a title. When the title meets content, it gives us an idea of what kind of a content the composer offers. […]