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  • Tristan and Isolde a Legend of Passion and Romance

    The legend of Tristan and Isolde is one of the most influential medieval romances. The original texts bears the tale of a love triangle between Tristan, the hero, Isolde, his uncle’s wife and Mark, his uncle. The story in the early traditions was altered and modified by alternative accounts with time, but the legend still […]

  • The Operatic Legend in Madama Butterfly

    The events purported to have occurred in Nagasaki at around 1886, triggered the genesis of one of the greatest operas to grace world theatres, Madama Butterfly. These events were compiled by Pierre Loti and transformed into a novel by the name Madame Chrysantheme in 1887. From there on, the story was picked up by John […]

  • The James Bond Music Collection

    The James Bond 007 series was originally written by a British author, Ian Fleming, and published by Jonathan Cape in 1953. It is an action spy fiction film. Fleming further wrote twelve novels and two short story collections on the fictional character James Bond 007. When Fleming died in 1964, other authors were hired by […]

  • The Il Turco in Italia Masterpiece

    It is rare to find an opera that has been composed on two variant librettos, and written by three reputable opera experts at different times. Perhaps this is what sets apart Rossini’s opera from the rest. Il Turco in Italia is an Italian version, which was the original, of the masterpiece opera, The Turk in […]

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