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  • The Historic False Start of Carmen

    Of all great operas of the 19th and 20th Century, Carmen stands apart as pure genius. Indeed, it has been rated amongst the best performed operas of all time since the 1880’s. Yet this same opera was shredded to failure by critics and given such a negative reception that its composer died of a heart […]

  • The Godfather Title Songs

    It was the legendary director Francis Ford Coppola who in 1972 shrewdly turned Mario Puzo’s novel hero, The Godfather, into a masterpiece film chronology. The Godfather is today amongst the greatest film accomplishments of American cinema in modern times. But besides the marvelous production, his greatest decision of all was to assign the scoring of […]

  • Star Wars Music Up Close

    Star Wars music was composed by John Williams for all the six Star Wars films, both in the original Trilogy from 1977 up to 1983, and in the Prequel Trilogy from 1999 to 2005. Star Wars Universe includes the music for all Star Wars video games and other Star Wars media. In this, John Williams […]

  • Revisiting Mozart in Don Giovanni

    With the popularity and fame of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, almost everyone has an idea what Don Giovanni is. The place of Mozart in opera was just above the pack, and in his few years of life, he achieved what nobody less than a genius could have. This amazing two-act opera was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus […]

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