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  • Reincarnated Originals of Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot

    In the premiere version of Turandot, performed on 25th April 1926 at Milan, the opera has three acts as composed by Giacomo Puccini on a libretto by Renato Simoni and Giuseppe Adami. During that premiere performance, the music was exclusively that of Puccini, as completed without additions by Franco Alfano and conducted by Ettore Panizza. […]

  • Pulp Fiction Music Up close

    The soundtrack in Quentin Tarantino’s breakthrough film ‘Pulp Fiction’ stands out as among the finest soundtracks ever devised. It combined some great renowned songs that had once been hits with other tracks that were new, obscure, and vibrantly enticing. The mix became an instant hit and remained popular for years after the movie was released. […]

  • Grease Music From Broadway to Silver Screen

    The original Grease title song for the 1978 motion picture was sung by Frankie Valli in combination with John Travolta who was at his musical prime. This included the two most successful songs; ‘You’re the One That I Want’ and the Grease title song, ‘Grease’, both of which made it to number one on the […]

  • Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera Signature in Nabucco

    Verdi mastered the art of opera perhaps better than any other composer has in history. Nabucco was actually his third opera and one that experts regard as his stepping stone to world popularity. The success of this third opera elevated and permanently solidified his reputation as a master composer. Before that, he had already composed […]

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