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  • Operetta from Contemporary Opera Performances

    Operetta is one of the many genres of performance arts that has a very close relationship with opera in terms of both theme and music sequences. Sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between operetta and opera. The term was used for the first time to describe opera stage performances that were shorter and less ambitious […]

  • Exploring Various Opera Singing Voices

    Different roles in opera are performed using particular voice types. Each is designed for different types of singers and the differential in vocal range in performance is the secret behind the richness of variety and distinctiveness in every classical opera performance. Opera voices can therefore be classified into different types that fall into either the […]

  • Comic Opera and Its Main Variants

    Comic opera originated from a strand of opera that was characterized by short but highly entertaining scenes which in most cases had funny servants. The comic opera tradition remains to this day. During the 16th century, these comical scenes came in between various acts that constituted serious opera. Comic opera existed prior to the 17th […]

  • The Early Face of Italian Opera

    Italian opera combines both the aspects of opera as an art and opera is part of the repository of the Italian language. Opera was in Italy in the late 1500ís and continues to play a dormant role in the cultural fabric of the country. Some of the most influential opera performances in Italy during this […]

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