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  • French Opera and Its Italian Influences

    France has always maintained a highly operatic tradition since Jean Baptiste Lully, an Italian, set foot into the country. While it is true that Italian opera maintained a strong influence on French Opera, the French variety of this form of composition maintained the much-valued principles of classical French drama. The linguistic traditions of French Opera […]

  • A Long Journey of German Opera through History

    Many German courts were heavily influenced by both Italian and French opera traditions. The Habsburg Empire which had its headquarters in Vienna was also influenced in an equally significant manner. In fact, great German composers such as Handel and Johan Sebastian succeeded because of their synthesis of these two opera traditions. Hamburg had time for […]

  • An In Depth Analysis of Various Types of Operas

    It is not all operas that have a music setting from the beginning to the end. This basically means that there are many types of operas. The most common type of opera is grand opera. This type of opera is set in music only. The Opera Buffe which is of French origin and its Italian […]

  • A brief history of Opera

    A historical understanding of the origin of opera is important if the music itself is to be enjoyed. Opera developed in England, Germany, France, and most importantly Italy in the beginning of the 16th century. In fact, the leading role in this development was played by Italy. A story in opera finds expression through musical […]

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