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  • The Education of Paul Sahre – Part IV

    SMELL THE COFFEE Sandwiched between Dunkin’ Donuts and a driving school, it’s dark in the winter, hot in the summer, and always smells of coffee. An old refrigerator rattles in the corner. A water cooler stands wanly nearby. Desks are elementary school surplus, a million names carved into the tops, a million wads of gum […]

  • The Education of Paul Sahre – Part III

    UP FROM BALTIMORE Thanks to his work for Fells Point Corner Theatre, creative directors Michael Ian Kaye and John Gall began to call. “I didn’t so much move here [New York] as I got pulled here,” says Sahre. He left Baltimore in 1998. His life changed. His marriage ended. He began, but soon ended, a […]

  • The Education of Paul Sahre – Full Circle Part I

    Paul Sahre’s (pronounced “say-er”) story should be widely known by now. He is often a design show judge and lecturer. He is widely respected as a designer, with notable posters for New York’s SoHo Rep Theatre, plus numerous book covers, op-art pieces in The New York Times, as well as recent efforts as an author […]

  • Modern Opera Trends

    Many opera lovers today are the transition from classical opera to modern opera that occurred concomitantly with the death of Puccini in 1924. There are epitaphs that can easily be spotted in Little Italy as well as Lincoln Center in New York. A change in operatic repertoire has been noticed since the turn of the […]