• Tristan and Isolde a Legend of Passion and Romance

    The legend of Tristan and Isolde is one of the most influential medieval romances. The original texts bears the tale of a love triangle between Tristan, the hero, Isolde, his uncle’s wife and Mark, his uncle. The story in the early traditions was altered and modified by alternative accounts with time, but the legend still […]

  • Pulp Fiction Music Up close

    The soundtrack in Quentin Tarantino’s breakthrough film ‘Pulp Fiction’ stands out as among the finest soundtracks ever devised. It combined some great renowned songs that had once been hits with other tracks that were new, obscure, and vibrantly enticing. The mix became an instant hit and remained popular for years after the movie was released. […]

  • Modern Opera Trends

    Many opera lovers today are the transition from classical opera to modern opera that occurred concomitantly with the death of Puccini in 1924. There are epitaphs that can easily be spotted in Little Italy as well as Lincoln Center in New York. A change in operatic repertoire has been noticed since the turn of the […]

  • Exploring Various Opera Singing Voices

    Different roles in opera are performed using particular voice types. Each is designed for different types of singers and the differential in vocal range in performance is the secret behind the richness of variety and distinctiveness in every classical opera performance. Opera voices can therefore be classified into different types that fall into either the […]