When Title Meets Content

To present any kind of content, we need titles. It can be  song titles, album titles, movie titles, book titles, story titles, poem or painting titles or a project, a website… Each work needs a title. When the title meets content, it gives us an idea of what kind of a content the composer offers. Here lots of works that people spend time, maybe years to create them, are being listed. But of course, most of us take a look at the content when the eye catches an interesting title.

It is a truth that the titles of the works, together with visual factors, if any, are one step further than the work itself. If the cover of a book or an album has creative and artistic elements and an interesting title, it will have a chance to reach people. The aim of art, literature, music is to reach the audience. So, this is the first step to draw attention. A cursory, ordinary title of a work will make the audience think that the work itself is also banal. The title reflects the content and represents the whole work on its own. The creativity lies in explaining a whole work with a few words. It needs imagination and creativity and the most successful titles can even become a part of our languages and are used as phrases or idioms.

[ad#downcont]Titles of works have an effect like love at first sight. You either like or hate the title. If a title is disliked, content has a little chance to become eternal in the minds of its audiences. Therefore, if you create a work, spend some effort to find the best title for it or if you have a title in your mind, create a work that deserves its title and does not disappoint your audiences. If you are just a searcher of works by looking at the list of titles, think about what may lie underneath that title and consider how it makes you feel and then run after it.

Just like following the appetizing smell of a dish, follow the book titles, album titles, movie titles, opera titles, etc.

Anna Bolena Reminiscence of Loyalty through Opera on Title Here…